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Information about the founder of TecnoPage Hosting

About Douglas Biondo Boschetti

Specialist in Telecommunications Network and Systems Engineering.

By the FAFIG faculty of Foz do Iguaçu – Cesufoz in agreement with UNIP of São Paulo, they grant him the title of Network Manager and specialization in Telecommunications Network and Systems Engineering, which over the years, books, blogs, forums on the web, a lot of research and continuous work: it provides consulting services to Servers, IT, Networks and Information Security to several companies in the Paraguayan and Brazilian market.


Douglas was born on August 23, 1993, at Foz do Iguaçu – Paraná – Brazil.

Since he was a child, due to the influence of his family, Douglas had an interest in Computer Science and Networks, and over the years he developed this area of ​​knowledge.

Webdesign y Datacenter

Those who met him personally know of his passion for servers and web pages, through courses, workshops and seminars for a long time he dedicated himself to connecting people, the web pages of his clients to the world.

All this began in the year of 2004 in November, when, due to his young age, with his family, he set up the Hosting and Web Hosting server for clients in the region of Paraná – Brazil and Alto Paraná – Paraguay. This server has multiplied to several servers and today to the Datacenter that hosts thousands of web pages in the world, which is TecnoPage.

Information Security Consulting

On the other hand, Datacenter and Servers wasn’t enought, the passion for Network and Server Hacking and Auditing leads him to projects for various clients from various sectors, including government institutions and intelligence sectors.

Today, its main activity is to create solutions and provide the T.I. TecnoPage’s servers with his team, for companies in Paraguay and Datacenter of servers for the whole world.

Hoy día, su principal actividad es crear soluciones y brindar el servicio de T.I. (servidores) de TecnoPage junto de su equipo, para empresas de Paraguay y Datacenter de servidores para todo el mundo.

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